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    Posts Tagged wallstreet

    China’s Misreading Of The Global Economy

    The Chinese leadership’s support of state capitalism is a worrying trend which does not portend well for the future.


    The Elephant In The Room

    One of the big problems with the present economic crisis is that we really do not know how big the problem is. We know that our problems have been caused by the creation, then over-leveraging of debt. But we don’t know how much debt was created, then sliced into derivatives multiple times which were then [...]


    Baidu’s Problems: The Other Side of the Equation

    Lately, there has been much discussion about Baidu’s problems re the disclosure that they were accepting payments from makers of less than consumer-friendly products for higher rankings. David Wolf has an excellent posting about how Baidu has hurt itself in the public relations battle, with some significant assistance from CCTV and Google. According to David, [...]


    Time For Chinese Money to Buy Silicon Valley Startups?

    The very dramatic unwinding of Bear Stearns and the purchase of its shares at a fire sale price by JP Morgan Chase has raised some very interesting questions. Put simply, American assets are going to have to go at fire sale prices. We’re not talking about the Japanese buying Rockefeller Center, I mean real valuable [...]