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    There Is No China Market

    One of my biggest complaints about western observers of China is the overly used term “China market”. In fact, there is no China market, just as there is no European market. While there is a European Union, which many Europeans complain about as some kind of bloated legislative bureaucratic monster, it would be silly for […]


    The Value of Independent Statistics for Online Media in China

    Victor Koo, CEO of Youku, recently wrote an article, Internet Measurement in China: How to Get Out of the Dark Ages, where he highlighted the major challenge for Internet companies in China: the lack of reliable metrics for performance measurement. In the article he talks about how even some VCs in China still rely on […]


    The PR Problem for Chinese Online Public Relations Firms

    Several days ago, Sam Flemming of CIC, a Shanghai-based online reputation management company pointed me to a news article on Business Week called “Inside The War Against China’s Blogs”. The article specifically highlighted a company called Daqi.com (in Chinese the name means “Big Flag” which has a certain nationalistic appeal), and cited a case in […]