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    Posts Tagged VC

    Advertising, Real-Name and Other Opportunities in China

    Several weeks ago, I wrote an article on China’s digital advertising industry for Forbes.com The China Tracker. Now that China’s online advertising expenditure is growing, I’d like to talk more about challenges, and what I see as good opportunities in the field. The past few years in China have seen some investment in China in [...]


    The Value of Independent Statistics for Online Media in China

    Victor Koo, CEO of Youku, recently wrote an article, Internet Measurement in China: How to Get Out of the Dark Ages, where he highlighted the major challenge for Internet companies in China: the lack of reliable metrics for performance measurement. In the article he talks about how even some VCs in China still rely on [...]


    What’s Wrong with C2C?

    Yesterday, Twitterdom in China was on fire with the news, first published on TechCrunch, that Facebook clone Xiaonei had raised US$430M from Softbank, which is huge, even by current Web 2.0 bubble standards. Immediately on Twitter, there was almost an uproar, especially from users in Taiwan, who said that it was ridiculous that a Facebook [...]


    What’s Wrong with China’s Internet Developers?

    In the course of my work, I’m often asked, based on my experience living and working in China, “What’s wrong with China’s Internet developers?” Unfortunately, I have never attacked the problem in a systematic way and organized my thoughts, even though I should. Today, I was visiting the Signals vs. Noise website which is maintained [...]