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China’s Public Sector On The Defensive

One of the recurring themes of China’s reforms and opening up over the past thirty years has been the expansion of China’s private sector, usually at the expense of the public sector, or government-invested industries. This is a theme which has been often overlooked in the west, even by westerners in China, as they are [...]


Advertising On The Three Screens and New Business Models for China

In technology marketing parlance, the three screens refer to the television screen, the PC screen and the mobile phone screen. Most marketers and advertisers now recognize that more eyeballs and viewing time are going to the PC screen, and even more will soon go to the mobile phone screen, and the question they are asking [...]


Is The Future of Advertising In Entertainment And Social Networks?

A while ago, a friend of mine who works in a 4A ad agency in Beijing said to me: “You think we’re all dinosaurs, don’t you, and that Google is going to own the whole advertising scene?” I’m glad he challenged me, because he forced me to think things through on a deeper level as [...]