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A Hard Look At Microsoft’s Performance

In a final closeout post on his blog, MSFTExtremeMakeover takes a hard look at MSFT’s performance over the past eight years. The picture which emerges is not pretty, but it’s true.


Mark Anderson Chimes In On Microsoft!

Mark Anderson of Strategic News Service has written an open letter to Steve Ballmer on Microsoft strategy which is posted at the new online version of The Industry Standard. FYI, Mark Anderson is the owner of Strategic News Service, which publishes a newsletter aimed at technology executives. It’s full of insights and he pulls no [...]


Why Google Loves Microsoft-Yahoo On So Many Levels

The quality and amount of discourse on the proposed takeover of Yahoo! by Microsoft has had my bullshit meter jumping off the charts, and I felt I just had to chime in. Paul Kedrosky summed it up best when he said that it would benefit Google the most. Anyone with half a brain and who [...]