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    Bold Predictions For China Tech Over Next Decade

    During the next decade, we will find out if China can become rich, on a sustained basis, before it grows old. This has special implications for tech investment over the next decade.


    Small Things Which Say A Lot

    For a long time, I have been telling my friends that China is not going to use its foreign exchange reserves to bail out the US and the rest of the world. Aside from the fact that China does not feel like a superpower, it is becoming apparent with each passing day that China has […]


    Understanding the Chinese Hockey Stick

    One of the things past experience has taught me that while it is possible to guess that some business will take off in China, it is almost impossible to tell when. The most common scenario is that for many years, a western business will devote its people and resources to making its business popular with […]


    Ogilvy Mindshare Report on Chinese Consumer Behavior

    I just came across this Ogilvy Mindshare report on Chinese consumer behavior which goes beyond the normal reports which cover exclusively the Tier 1 cities. This one also covers the tier two and three cities, which are becoming increasingly important for marketers. According to the report, consumers are still frugal, and are reluctant to go […]