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Sina Weibo Makes Basketball Grannie Famous

Sina Weibo makes the unknown famous, even if they have nothing to do with the internet.


There Is No China Market

One of my biggest complaints about western observers of China is the overly used term “China market”. In fact, there is no China market, just as there is no European market. While there is a European Union, which many Europeans complain about as some kind of bloated legislative bureaucratic monster, it would be silly for [...]


Google China Launches Earthquake Disaster People Search

Google China announced their launch of Google China People Search in the Google China blog to help victims and their relatives get in touch with each other. I have chosen to translate the announcement in full, and have included the original hyperlinks in the story. Aside from the human tragedy, this is an excellent study [...]


Links for Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake News and Donation Information

I have put together a few links for those interested in news about and/or are interested in donating to help the victims of the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake of May 12 tragedy. Danwei earthquake updates Shanghaiist earthquake coverage MSNBC earthquake coverage BBC earthquake coverage Guardian earthquake coverage Youtube video earthquake coverage Tianya public forum Tudou video [...]


What Tibet and Carrefour Can Teach Us About the Chinese Internet

When the western media and some outside observers talk about “Angry China”, they really miss out on the real story, and even the real questions which need to be asked. For instance, how do very large groups of people, who at least on the surface, have nothing to do with each other, organize in large [...]


Visualizing the Internet and Online User Behavior

One the things which has been interesting to me are visual maps of the Internet, which show the main websites, and usually, how much traffic they attract. One of the leaders in measuring Internet usage all over the world, and in Asia-Pacific, is Comscore, which recently prepared a report on Asia-Pacific Internet usage. Today, we [...]