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Visiting Shenzhen

I have been visiting Shenzhen for the past few days. The last time I was in Shenzhen was in 1999-2001, when the Internet bubble peaked. This time around, the city has changed considerably since the last time I spent time here. Parts of the city are not recognizable, all in the good sense. There are [...]


Digging Deeper About China’s Internet Usage Data

Jeremiah Owyang has published a good report for beginners who know nothing about China’s internet market. I questioned the wisdom of going to Hong Kong to cover the Chinese Internet; to me it seemed like visiting Toronto to understand the UK market. However, he does have some good takeaways for people just starting out in [...]


Developing Games and Living the American Dream In China

Last night I had dinner with five individuals in Beijing. Except for me, all of them had real hands-on experience in the gaming industry in China. (My experience in gaming is limited to the business side; not programming and production.) All of them were Americans, or had extensive experience in the US. Long story short: [...]