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    China’s Public Sector On The Defensive

    One of the recurring themes of China’s reforms and opening up over the past thirty years has been the expansion of China’s private sector, usually at the expense of the public sector, or government-invested industries. This is a theme which has been often overlooked in the west, even by westerners in China, as they are […]


    China Marketing: Think Deep, Not Big, and Add A Twist

    One of the things which I frequently hear from first-time visitors to China is that “It is so big!” Sometimes, I hear this even from Texans, an American state which takes pride in being bigger than almost any other state, with the exception of Alaska. Westerners are not the only ones to fall victim to […]


    Why Google Loves Microsoft-Yahoo On So Many Levels

    The quality and amount of discourse on the proposed takeover of Yahoo! by Microsoft has had my bullshit meter jumping off the charts, and I felt I just had to chime in. Paul Kedrosky summed it up best when he said that it would benefit Google the most. Anyone with half a brain and who […]