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    China’s Public Sector On The Defensive

    One of the recurring themes of China’s reforms and opening up over the past thirty years has been the expansion of China’s private sector, usually at the expense of the public sector, or government-invested industries. This is a theme which has been often overlooked in the west, even by westerners in China, as they are [...]


    Business Implications for Social Marketing

    There is a whole brave new world for social marketing which is unfolding and which, so far, has caught many businesses off-guard. A good part of the reason for this is because many corporate marketing departments are managed by people who cut their teeth when TV, radio and print were the main ways to reach [...]


    The Coming End of Corporatespeak

    I have spent a lot of time recently thinking, writing and researching on the implications of the Internet (hence my sparse article posting; my apologies) and what that means for how people do things in a corporate setting. The most important takeaway so far is that blogging and the Internet will accelerate the death of [...]


    Wanted: A New Kind of Ad Agency Warrior

    Readers know that I have spent quite some time thinking about how the Internet and online advertising will affect the whole overall advertising industry. A recent post on Ogilvy China Digital Watch made me think more about how some of the changes the rapid rise in online advertising spending will affect the advertising industry as [...]