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    Personal Lending + Web 2.0 + China = ?

    Two new startups in China have now entered the field of Internet-based personal lending and finance in China, and according to this article in China Web 2.0 Review, one of them, PPDai has already received first-round funding for an undisclosed amount from Essentia Equity. The concept of personal lending is an outgrowth of microfinancing, which […]


    Result-Symbio Partnership Symposium in Beijing on 2/28

    Recently I have been involved in setting up an event in Beijing, it is the Result-Symbio Partnership Symposium on Feb. 28 (Thursday). The CEO of Result, Ola Ahlvarrson, and the CEO of Symbio, Jacob Hsu, got together and decided that it would be interesting to bring technology and business professionals together to talk about how […]