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    Posts Tagged productivity

    The Elephant In The Room

    One of the big problems with the present economic crisis is that we really do not know how big the problem is. We know that our problems have been caused by the creation, then over-leveraging of debt. But we don’t know how much debt was created, then sliced into derivatives multiple times which were then [...]


    If The US Economy Goes Down, So Does China’s

    In the past few days, Henry Paulson has come up with his US$700B proposal to save the major lending institutions which made bad decisions re CDOs, with all the bad loans being covered by the US taxpayer. This is happening at a time when the US middle class is under unprecedented pressure already. Over the [...]


    Apple’s App Store Shows Early Financial Success for Devs

    Several months ago I wrote about how Apple’s opening of the iPhone SDK and its App Store would create a whole new business ecosystem for application developers for that platform. Apple offers globally accessible hosting and payment clearance in return for a 30% cut of the app’s sales price. Now, there are early signs that [...]


    Unwinding Globalization

    JP Morgan Chase has just purchased Bear Stearns at $2 a share, an investment bank which was valued at $150 a year last year. Equity and capital markets are poised for a volatile week. The US Fed is set to make another rate cut, a desperation move, on Tuesday. This is likely to push the [...]


    The Big Hole in Chinese Productivity Apps

    When I look at web apps and ideas in China today, practically everything I see has to do with the retail consumer. Popular fields are gaming, because it proven and China has a large gaming population, not to mention the success of the major players including Shanda and The9, and music and search. The result [...]