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    Book Review: China Fast Forward

    Bill Dodson’s China Fast Forward takes a close look at China economic and political landscape as it faces the challenges of the next decade.


    When Worst-Case Scenarios Become Best-Case Scenarios

    Environmental experts paint a bleak picture of the future when the subject comes to global warming. Now, it turns out because of the rapid increase in energy needs in China, what were originally worst-case scenarios for global warming will now, almost surely, turn into best-case scenarios. This is because many of the decisions for new [...]


    Not Changing Fast Enough (Part II)

    If there has been a major problem with the Chinese leadership, it has been its slowness to recognize that the old way of industrialization simply does not work with a population as vast as China’s. Western Europe, then later America and Japan were able to get away with industrialization because they had smaller populations and [...]


    China’s Cities: Coming Out At The Wrong End of History?

    Several days ago I attended Urbancamp Beijing, hosted by Orange Labs in Beijing. The purpose of the event was to explore how cities of the not-too-distant future will look like; the theme was the Chinese City 2.0. Because China is growing so rapidly in this area, it has become a sociologist’s paradise for study. Neville [...]