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Why Many Chinese Entrepreneurs Don’t Like Lawyers

China Law Blog is a good source of legal information about Chinese business and investment regulations and one of his comments in my previous post got me thinking about why Chinese entrepreneurs don’t like to work not just with American lawyers, but lawyers of any nationality. Here is his comment in full: Right idea. Wrong [...]


Working the Gray Areas in China

“If I were to wait until the Chinese government said I could do something, I’d never be able to make money.” This is a line I have heard on many occasions from different Chinese entrepreneurs. In China, there are many areas which are not strictly illegal, but they’re not legal either. Most of the time, [...]


The Coming End of Corporatespeak

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking, writing and researching on the implications of the Internet (hence my sparse article posting; my apologies) and what that means for how people do things in a corporate setting. The most important takeaway so far is that blogging and the Internet will accelerate the death of [...]


Are Chinese Corporate Earnings Inflated?

In an article for the Oct. 29 issue of Caijing, writer Xu Shanda (许善达) claims that Chinese corporate earnings are inflated. In the Chinese language article, Xu claims that there is an earnings bubble. The article summary says this (my translation): The government should no longer listen to Chinese enterprises’ requests to turn their costs [...]