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Apple’s iPhone Marketing in China Leverages Global Buzz

What do you call it when people pay nearly double current sales price to buy a product which is basically crippled of its most important function, and the maker has spent zero marketing dollars to sell the product? I’d call that pretty powerful buzz marketing. According to this USA Today story, some Chinese are willing [...]


Chinese Language Requirements, the HSK, and Senior Positions in China

Until very recently, Chinese language qualifications were not considered a deal-breaker for senior positions in China. For the most part, US and European employers assumed that a person of Chinese extraction had some degree of fluency in Chinese, and could communicate with other Chinese in China. This all changed when Goldman Sach’s proposed appointment for [...]


Getting Past The “China Market” Hype

If there is one thing which never ceases to amaze me, it’s the sheer number of overseas investors seeking entry to China, who have a hard time seeing past the most basic facts and figures about the size of the Chinese market. Most of these firms are American, which are, generally speaking, more addicted to [...]


China Sets US Interest Rates Now, Not the Fed

This is the opinion of Paul Craig Roberts, who previous served as Assistant Secretary of Treasury during the Reagan administration, and is often quoted as the “father of Reaganomics”. (You can read the Wikipedia entry about him here.) Recently there has been discussion about China’s threat to use the “nuclear option”, or and basically destroying [...]