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ChinaVortex Interview with Handel Jones, Author of Chinamerica: The Uneasy Relationship That Will Change the World

Handel Jones talks about his new book, Chinamerica: The Uneasy Partnership That Will Change the World.


Bold Predictions For China Tech Over Next Decade

During the next decade, we will find out if China can become rich, on a sustained basis, before it grows old. This has special implications for tech investment over the next decade.


Internet Crackdowns As An Economic Performance Indicator

Freedom of speech on the Internet is taken for granted in good times, but when times get touch and there is high unemployment, it becomes a different story. Then, government crackdowns become a good indicator of what is really happening in the economy.


Google China’s Issues and the Party’s Anniversary

Google’s deadline for getting approval for its ICP license in China has passed, and aside from Google Suggest being blocked, there don’t seem to be major changes. Aside from the cat-and-mouse being played out, the one thing which has irked my curiosity is that there doesn’t seem to be anyone on either side (Google or [...]


Chinese Ecommerce And The Chinese Hockey Stick

In an earlier post, I talked about a phenomenon called the Chinese hockey stick. The concept of the Chinese hockey stick is fairly simple: it takes a while for investment in a new sector to show results in China, but when it does, it takes off, going almost straight up like a hockey stick. So [...]


Changing Employment Trends in Asia

In my previous article I talked about how skill demand in startups in China was changing, and that the skills needed from both local and non-Chinese had changed considerably. This article from the Asia Times talks about how immigration and hiring trends are beginning to change in China and India. Regardless of whether you agree [...]