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Posts Tagged ecommerce

What Happens To E-Commerce When Credit Cards Don’t Work?

During the past several years in China, I have spent a good deal of my time explaining to Americans that e-commerce solutions do not have to depend on credit cards. In many parts of the world, such as Germany and Japan, and in China, e-commerce is about building payment gateways to different banks using debit [...]


Alimama, Taobao Merger Points To E-commerce, Search Battle

Alibaba has announced plans to consolidate two of its subsidiaries into one company. Alimama is the company’s ad network for Chinese SMBs, and Taobao is the company’s auction platform, which is best known for dramatically driving eBay China out of the China market after eBay bought Eachnet. This is likely a measure to counter Baidu’s [...]


Chinese Ecommerce And The Chinese Hockey Stick

In an earlier post, I talked about a phenomenon called the Chinese hockey stick. The concept of the Chinese hockey stick is fairly simple: it takes a while for investment in a new sector to show results in China, but when it does, it takes off, going almost straight up like a hockey stick. So [...]