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Unwinding Globalization

JP Morgan Chase has just purchased Bear Stearns at $2 a share, an investment bank which was valued at $150 a year last year. Equity and capital markets are poised for a volatile week. The US Fed is set to make another rate cut, a desperation move, on Tuesday. This is likely to push the [...]


Risk Is In The Eyes of the Beholder Part II

Chris Masse’s excellent, which focuses mainly on prediction markets, has a posting called Journalism Failures – Big Time. The Midas Oracle article links to an article by Risk magazine nominating Societe Generale as the equity derivatives house of the year. (You better check out the link soon before the magazine’s management takes it down.) [...]


Risk Is In The Eyes of the Beholder Part I

In the west, there is a whole industry called “risk consultancy”. Basically, this industry is built around informing large- and medium-sized corporations about risk. Originally, this was built around business risk and would answer questions like “How safe is it to invest $500M in an industrial diamond mine in the Congo (formerly Zaire)?” The consulting [...]