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China: Which Century Are You Building For?

@GregoryLent on Twitter just pointed me to this article, A User’s Guide to 21st Century Economics, by Umair Haque which I recommend highly. After reading this article, some questions which came to mind: Chinese companies traditionally have not been good at adding value. How well can they adjust to the new 21st century economic situation? [...]


Can We Just Take Globalization Out Back And Shoot It In The Back of the Head?

My apologies for not having written for so long. I have been “otherwise pre-occupied” and have also been watching the first weeks of the Obama presidency and the accelerating unwinding of the financial markets. The situation looks increasingly bleak. I hope you are prepared. Readers know that I have been a critic of globalization in [...]


Apple and China: The American Media Ignorance Continues

Over the past year, the tone of coverage of many China-related topics in the US has improved. For the most part, writers covering China have tried to look past the generally-accepted stereotypes, and have tried to get a deeper understanding of what is going on in China. But occasionally something finds its way through the [...]


Working the Gray Areas in China

“If I were to wait until the Chinese government said I could do something, I’d never be able to make money.” This is a line I have heard on many occasions from different Chinese entrepreneurs. In China, there are many areas which are not strictly illegal, but they’re not legal either. Most of the time, [...]


Developing Games and Living the American Dream In China

Last night I had dinner with five individuals in Beijing. Except for me, all of them had real hands-on experience in the gaming industry in China. (My experience in gaming is limited to the business side; not programming and production.) All of them were Americans, or had extensive experience in the US. Long story short: [...]