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News Galore!

Just in case you had any doubts that the world was going to hell in a handbasket, and that the inmates were running the asylum, you just might have had some of those doubts removed in the past week. And those doubts were removed in a very dramatic fashion, as in frontal lobotomy fashion. “George [...]


Why Western Employers Are More Attractive To Many Chinese

China is a nation of entrepreneurs, and according to statistics, has 85 million businesses compared to the US’s 25 million. Considering that China has about four times the population of the US, the proportion is about right. These numbers reveal that China is in fact, not a socialist nation, but is instead one which has [...]


Why Many Chinese Entrepreneurs Don’t Like Lawyers

China Law Blog is a good source of legal information about Chinese business and investment regulations and one of his comments in my previous post got me thinking about why Chinese entrepreneurs don’t like to work not just with American lawyers, but lawyers of any nationality. Here is his comment in full: Right idea. Wrong [...]