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    Google, Baidu and Search Engine Optimization in China

    Search engine marketing is the main engine behind Google’s rise as a major online media player, and the product it is offered in is Google Adwords, which allows advertisers to directly target their online ads by selecting keywords, and then targeting them to relevant search results pages and to published pages (using Google’s publisher’s network, […]


    Is The Future of Advertising In Entertainment And Social Networks?

    A while ago, a friend of mine who works in a 4A ad agency in Beijing said to me: “You think we’re all dinosaurs, don’t you, and that Google is going to own the whole advertising scene?” I’m glad he challenged me, because he forced me to think things through on a deeper level as […]


    Alibaba Chooses Google Over Baidu For Main Advertising Partner

    Alibaba has chosen Google China as its main advertising platform partner for its online advertising service Alimama over Baidu. Alimama provides roughly the same advertising campaign targeting and service delivery capabilities to advertisers as Google’s Adword service worldwide, with the biggest difference being that Alimama is targeted at the Chinese domestic audience. Alibaba had been […]


    Online Ad Exchanges Are the Next Stage of the Long Tail

    Microsoft’s recent purchase of online ad market platform AdECN Exchange highlights the rise of neutral ad market platforms as a new venue for the buying and selling of ads between content publishers and advertisers. Online ad market platforms represent the next stage, or second generation, of ad networks. The first generation was represented by Google […]