Rule of Law: “Nice While It Lasted”

The US Congress has decided that Huawei is “a threat to US national security” by the US House Intelligence Committee. Huawei has mobile casino no deposit required issued a swift rebuttal.

Apparently the US House Intelligence Committee has decided that Beijing is the US’s enemy, and wants to have a say in US foreign policy.

Never mind that the US has developed a very complex virus to target Iran’s nuclear program. That’s it. End of story. No more questions. Please move along.

China telco and PR consultant David Wolf has an interesting take on the story which is worth reading.

NO ANCIENT WISDOM, NO FOLLOWERS: The Challenges of Chinese Authoritarian Capitalism

In other news, longtime China watcher James McGregor is soon publishing a book on China called “No Ancient Wisdom, No Followers: The Challenges of Authoritarian Capitalism” in which he lets go on the Chinese version of authoritarian capitalism. He has recently published his take on China on Yale Global Online; you can read the article here.

After serving with Dow Jones China, then the US Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, McGregor has most recently served with APCO, a lobbying and PR firm in China. My guess is that he will be leaving China soon.

One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China

Earlier, in 2005, McGregor published another book titled “One Billion Customers, Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China” which was very optimistic about China’s future as a consumer society and economy. Apparently his views have taken a 180 degree turn.

Just a few years ago, China’s authoritarian capitalism was praised in the west, but now that there is a slowdown, it’s amazing how quickly opinions can change. The party hasn’t changed much.

Apparently, the west and western public opinion are running out of patience. No wonder the Chinese complain about westerners having no patience!

In 2007, I predicted that globalization and rule of law would disappear in a heap of recrimination from all sides. As usual, my trend prediction was good, but my timing was way off.

You can purchase either of McGregor’s book for immediate delivery by clicking on the image links above.

5 Responses to “Rule of Law: “Nice While It Lasted””

  1. Interesting that McGregor’s earlier “optimistic” book came out in 2005. That was also the last time I felt truly optimistic about China’s prospects — or more precisely, that was the year I started to feel that something about China’s trajectory wasn’t quite right.

    That’s also the year that Walter and Howie (Red Capitalism, Wiley 2011) identified as the year that Zhu Rongji’s financial sector reforms were finally ground to a halt by the Hu/Wen administration.

    • admin says:

      Think that HJT was brought in to be the conservative guy, but he ended up as the guy who wore the same face in all situations. Not a good idea when Chinese society was undergoing such dramatic changes.

      Now, the number of China consultants who are going sour in China is a flood.

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  3. David Wolf says:

    Thanks for the plug, Paul.

    As a China consultant, I’ve spent the last two decades helping companies deal with China in China. I suspect the next two decades will be spent helping companies deal with China everywhere else.

    Either that, or we are headed for an economic cold war that will divide the world into two commercial spheres of influence. China’s system of doing business represents a radical challenge to the western approach, so much so that the two are, I believe, ultimately incompatible and are thus destined to clash.

    Oh, Lord. Hegel before coffee…

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