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New Goldman Report: iPad to Take Significant Netbook Market Share And More About iPhone Antenna Issues

In a new report, Goldman Sachs says that the iPad is poised to take significant netbook market share because of the five Cs: consumption, content, connected, constant operation and commerce. You can read all the details at this report on the Financial Times.

If you have been a reader of the China Vortex, this would come as no surprise, since we predicted all this about the iPad way back on January 5, before even the iPad name was announced. When AAPL was trading around $215 per share, compared to today’s $252.73.

Or you could have listened to us in March 2008, when Apple announced the iPhone SDK and China Vortex predicted that it would be a game changer. Back then, Apple shares were trading around $130 per share.

Today, the Microsoft CTO Kevin Turner predicted that the iPhone 4 may turn into Apple’s Microsoft Vista because of the antenna issues. Aside from pointing out that Kevin obviously does not come from a PR background, I have been asking myself a question about the antenna issue.

The question is this: “Why isn’t the antenna issue bigger than it is now?” While some have called for a recall, the demand for the iPhone 4 continues. Why?

My answer: “People aren’t using it for voice calls much anymore.”

The main function of the iPhone 4 is as a data device or computer, not as voice phone. The heavy data usage stats for the iPhone and iPad show that these are devices for asynchronous data consumption, not voice communications. If the primary function of the iPhone 4 was as a voice phone, then yes, the problem would have been much more serious, on a level with Toyota’s recent brake problems.

It’s called an iPhone, but the voice phone function really isn’t that important.