Google China Adds ICP License At Bottom of Search Page, But No One Knows What It Means

In a widely misinterpreted move, Google added an ICP license registration notice at the bottom of the search page in China. Many early followers of the Google China saga interpreted this to mean that Google’s application for a new ICP license had been approved by the Beijing authorities, but later Google confirmed that they had not received new information from the Chinese regulatory authorities, which in Google China’s case is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In a late-day move, Google’s PR department has denied that there has been any update from the Chinese authorities. That raises the question: “If there was no update on status from the Chinese authorities, then why did Google China add the ICP license, even though it did not have it before? And why did they do it without winning renewal from the Chinese authorities? Did they consult with the Chinese authorities before added the ICP license to the page?”

The Google China story is rapidly escalating into one of the great mysteries of the universe right up there with the age of the universe, what are the rules of physics if there were no space and no time, what caused the dinosaurs to become extinct, spontaneous human combustion, who was Jack the Ripper, and can the hole in the Gulf of Mexico be plugged?

5 Responses to “Google China Adds ICP License At Bottom of Search Page, But No One Knows What It Means”

  1. So, Paul, you suggest they just made up a license number? How daft can this get?

  2. admin says:

    The rate things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google claimed that the ICP license number was generated by extraterrestrials using an algorithm humans are incapable of understanding, who live in the 11th dimension.

    As for Google making up a license number, no, I don’t think they are that daft.

  3. I just checked and for me it redirects to Hong Kong and has a 2007 license number

  4. admin says:

    My understanding is that the license is for four years, but must be re-submitted every year for annual review and approval.

    So having a 2007 license doesn’t mean that Google China is out of line; just means that it must be renewed in 2011.

  5. Read it carefully and reread it each time you get Nardil refilled. ,