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    Rebecca MacKinnon Raises Interesting Issues

    Rebecca MacKinnon has raised some very interesting questions which need wider discussion; this has to do with US companies investing in Chinese companies which support censorship. While her testimony has to do with China and Baidu, the issue of what to do when US commercial interests are in direct conflict with values which the US government claims to support is something which should be opened up to intelligent debate and discussion, instead of being swept under the rug.
    She is very specific in her criticisms, and does not hold back from naming names, including the two US directors of Baidu. I urge you to download and read her PDF. She goes into some detail about how the Chinese government has adapted in a very smart way to support the Internet in a way which she calls networked authoritarianism, and has set the terms for how it will operate in China. Companies which want to operate in China must help to obey and enforce these terms and conditions. In some cases, such as Baidu’s, these companies have attracted US investors’ money.

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