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    Clouds On The Horizon

    There are clouds on the horizon for foreign shareholders in Chinese Internet companies involved in offering domestic payment solutions according to this Financial Times story.

    Earlier on, I wrote an article for Forbes.com The China Tracker about some issues with the search advertising field in China. If you want to do a deep dive into some of the Baidu issues, this article from china/divide’s Kai Pan is useful.

    Following on the government’s white paper on the Internet, the government’s Ministry of Culture is coming out with a slew of regulations aimed at regulating the Internet, including requiring game players to use real-name registration, and limiting use and circulation of virtual currencies.

    For my take on the role of games in Chinese society, see this article. As for the new rules affecting virtual currencies, it will be interesting to see how Tencent, which issues Q-Coins will deal with the issue.