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Archive for June, 2010

Rebecca MacKinnon Raises Interesting Issues

Rebecca MacKinnon has raised some very interesting questions which need wider discussion; this has to do with US companies investing in Chinese companies which support censorship. While her testimony has to do with China and Baidu, the issue of what to do when US commercial interests are in direct conflict with values which the US [...]


The Clock Ticks On Google China

Today is the day Google China needs to get government approval on its ICP (Internet Content Provider) license. The news from yesterday shows that Google China is trying to finesse its Chinese operations, and find a middle ground on its commitment against censorship and complying with Chinese regulations. My guess is that the Chinese government [...]


Link to The China Tracker Articles

I have been spending more time writing for The China Tracker. They have put together an excellent group of writers to write about China, and I’m lucky to be among them. When you have time, they are definitely worth the time to read. You can access my articles on The China Tracker from [...]


Let the Mapping Wars Begin!

As location-aware applications become more core for mobile services, especially with the launch of the new iPhone 4, location and mapping services become ever more important. The Chinese government has made clear that non-Chinese owned mapping companies will not be able to provide basic mapping services and AutoNavi is filing for an IPO. Will be [...]


Clouds On The Horizon

There are clouds on the horizon for foreign shareholders in Chinese Internet companies involved in offering domestic payment solutions according to this Financial Times story. Earlier on, I wrote an article for The China Tracker about some issues with the search advertising field in China. If you want to do a deep dive into [...]


Networked Authoritarianism in Perspective

A short time ago, Rebecca MacKinnon wrote an excellent commentary on the Chinese government’s white paper on the Internet. In the government-published white paper, there was effusive praise for the Internet as a tool for social change under terms set by the party. The important thing to understand is that the party will set the [...]