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Archive for December, 2008

Bread and Circuses

At the end of my previous post, where I painted a generally pessimistic picture of the near future, I mentioned that I would write about the businesses which would do well in this downturn. In my opinion, they are bread and circuses. During the decline of the Roman empire, the Roman emperors realized that in [...]


The Elephant In The Room

One of the big problems with the present economic crisis is that we really do not know how big the problem is. We know that our problems have been caused by the creation, then over-leveraging of debt. But we don’t know how much debt was created, then sliced into derivatives multiple times which were then [...]


Small Things Which Say A Lot

For a long time, I have been telling my friends that China is not going to use its foreign exchange reserves to bail out the US and the rest of the world. Aside from the fact that China does not feel like a superpower, it is becoming apparent with each passing day that China has [...]


Baidu’s Problems: The Other Side of the Equation

Lately, there has been much discussion about Baidu’s problems re the disclosure that they were accepting payments from makers of less than consumer-friendly products for higher rankings. David Wolf has an excellent posting about how Baidu has hurt itself in the public relations battle, with some significant assistance from CCTV and Google. According to David, [...]