Rethinking Hong Kong

I’m in Hong Kong on business, and have had the opportunity to participate in the activities related to the launch of the Creative Commons Hong Kong. Rebecca MacKinnon has done an excellent job, along with some other faculty members from Hong Kong University, in making this a very informative and interesting event. At the event, I met with Angus Lau, who is another twitterer, and has done a lot to keep the Internet a lively topic in the SAR. Most recently, Angus has been active in organizing the recent Open Web Asia event in Korea.

Creative Commons Hong Kong

Creative Commons Hong Kong

My takeaway from the Creative Commons Hong Kong event is that Hong Kong is in an excellent position to promote CC in Asia. It’s press is relatively open and free, and it really should be an excellent publishing center, especially for those connecting China and the west. In my opinion, it has not yet realized its full potential. Surprisingly, there are relatively few bridge people, who understand both the west and China as one would think. People fall into their own groups of Hong Kong people, who are interested in local gossip, westerners working for multinationals, and some Chinese from China. To a large extent, they don’t mix with each other as much as they could. This is unfortunate.

In spite of this, there are things I like about Hong Kong:

  • Clean safe food
  • Clean public toilets
  • Real broadband of at least 200K up and down
  • MOS Burger

The first three things, I’m sure you can understand.

But, what’s MOS Burger? Put simply, it’s a Japanese hamburger chain. Its hamburgers are delicious, and in true Japanese fashion, they have an eye to detail, taste and preparation which is better than McDonalds. It has stores in Hong Kong, but none in China.

If you are a computer nerd (if you read this blog regularly, you probably are more or less), then MOS burgers are to MacDonalds what Macintosh is to Windows. It’s just better, and it costs more. And I mean tastier, and sits more comfortable on your stomach after eating.

If you order a set meal, you can get a garden fresh salad as part of the C meal. (Maybe that’s why they don’t have the chain in China. Garden fresh salad in China? Ummm, I don’t know…) So, when I get to Hong Kong and after I have had my meetings, my job is to find out where the nearest MOS Burger outlet is.

BTW, if you don’t believe that it tastes better than MacDonald’s, I’d be happy to take you for a taste test.

11 Responses to “Rethinking Hong Kong”

  1. MOS-burger did have an outlet in the 1990 in Shanxi nanlu in Shanghai, but according to expert not half as good as the original one. It localized even more and became a rather average Shanghainese restaurant. Yet another foreign brand that did not make in China.

  2. Gen Kanai says:

    MOS is predictably good, but there’s much more amazing burgers in Tokyo. Let me know when you are next in Tokyo and we can grab a burger at Burger Mania or the Imperial Hotel’s bar, or many other delicious options.

  3. JohnG says:

    There used to be a MOS Burger at Grand Gateway in Xujiahui in Shanghai and second smaller location by the backgate of East China Normal University. I used to go there quite regularly when I lived near ECNU from 2003 to mid-2005 and really enjoyed their food. But as I remember they most served chicken burgers and competed with the KFC around the corner not hamburgers.


  4. Alex says:

    What’s the Linux equivalent? Cooking at home – low cost and an infinite variety of tastes, just a little more effort.

    One great habit in HK was (when living in Tai Po in 2001) super tasty garlicly fried pork chops and 24 hour congee in daipaidongs. (The train station market, basic Cantonese required.) Why the heck are you eating hamburgers?!

  5. Alice Poon says:

    Hi there. I’d like to think that I’m one of the “bridge people” :) This is a link to my archive page:

    I’m also a regular visitor of your site and like your posts, although I’m no tech fan.

  6. Dan says:

    Change #4 to great food overall, and I am with you.

  7. Jason says:

    Paul: What’s your best guess for why HK doesn’t produce bridge people? I agree, and I have a bunch of guesses for why, but not a satisfactory reason.

  8. Gen Kanai says:

    It looks like Mark Tong’s ahead of us in the Best Beijing Burger search…

  9. marcus says:

    Yep, I remember the Mo’s Burger on Shan Xi lu-Nanjing Xi Lu in the late 90’s that Fons mentions. And it was actually quite bad… Next time your are in HK forget Mo’s. Try Shake ’em buns or maybe build your own organic burger just below Hollywood Road and… for the great moments the stunning Duke’s Burgers in Soho

  10. Jamon says:

    Mos Burger is great, fast food. If there is one near, i will def. hit one up.
    Cheap, fast, good in the stomach. I cant say all three for any other fast food joint like Mc’d, KFC, Pizzahut , Pappa John, Etc.

  11. TomRR says:

    I frequented a MOS Burger in Taipei throughout ’95 & ’96. I agree, the taste & quality were excellent. According to MOS’s website, they now have 100 restaurants in Taiwan.