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    Honey, You’re Looking Old

    In 72 hours, more than 600,000 persons in China, and 6-7M persons worldwide, are going to turn to that little something dearest to them and say those dreaded words, “Honey, you’re looking old”.

    I’m not talking about their spouse, I’m talking about something they normally spend far more time with: their iPhones. Within 72 hours in San Francisco, Steve Jobs will take center stage at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to announce the second generation of the iPhone, which many refer to as the JesusPhone. We already know that the new phone will include 3G and GPS features.

    Hmmmm…. Does that mean we can call the second generation of the iPhone the Second Coming of the JesusPhone?

    For China, the big question is whether the new revs of the iPhone will include the Chinese government backed and developed TD-SCDMA technology, which is the local version of the 3G standard, and has now been handed over to China Mobile for care.

    China Unicom and China Telecom will support competing 3G standards which are not China developed and are most likely already supported in the current chipset for the 3G iPhone.

    The thing to watch for will be whether Apple starts ordering TD-SCDMA chipsets. In the meantime, dedicated users of the Apple iPhone in China will most likely switch their mobile phone accounts to China Unicom and China Telecom if they want to take advantage of China’s not-yet-launched 3G services. The thing that they should remember is that China Mobile holds the vast majority of mobile phone accounts, with China Unicom coming in a distant second and China Telecom just recently starting to offer mobile services. And 3G services have not yet launched in China, though everyone is expecting that to happen within the next six months.

    In the meantime, you might not want to tell your spouse yet that she is looking old.

    One Response to “Honey, You’re Looking Old”

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