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How Chinese Websites Are Helping Donations For Sichuan Earthquake Victims

There has been a strong outpouring of support in China for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake, and I thought it would help just to give those outside China and/or do not read Chinese a picture of what is going on in the online world in China.

Tianya is one of the larger BBS sites in China, and they have created a page where Tianya users and visitors can make cash contributions to support earthquake victims and help the recovery.

Tianya has given visitors five options for making cash contributions:

  1. Online payment using Taobao’s online contribution
  2. option

  3. Making an offline cash donation using a specially set-up post office account
  4. Making an offline cash donation to the Chinese Red Cross using a specially set-up account at ICBC
  5. Foreign currency donations are accepted at an account set up by Jet Li’s One Foundation
  6. Community members can also donate goods to receiving offices in Chengdu, from where they will be sent on to earthquake victims.

There is a warning to Tianya members that they should be careful about who they donate their money to, as there are fraudulent accounts which have been set up to take donations.

The page further lists corporate donations from Chinese companies for earthquake victims, with amounts listed in Chinese yuan.

Leading gaming site Shanda has also set up a donation page for online gamers. Shanda chairman Timothy Chen Tianqiao donated 1M yuan to earthquake victims, which was matched by online gamers. Shanda then added another 1M yuan, making for a total 3M yuan which, according to an announcement, has already been sent to Sichuan for disbursement.

The9, another US-listed game publisher and distributor, created a simple page to announce their donation of 1M yuan.

Giant Interactive, also listed in the US, has created a page on their Zhengtu site where players can post their best wishes to Sichuan victims. They do not ask for money/goods donations.

Perfect World, a leading online game publisher, went public last year in the US under the PWRD symbol. Their BBS for their online community has not mentioned anything with regard to the earthquake or any drives to make donations to earthquake victims.

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  2. Cliff Hsia says:

    Hi Paul,

    Noticed you had a recent post on the Sichuan earthquake. We’ve been running a series of posts on Alibaba.com’s relief efforts, plus we’ve got lots of other different information regarding China sourcing. Check us out at http://www.aliblog.alibaba.com.



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