Chinese-Language Search Grows, and the Mobile Internet…

Rupert Murdoch and wife

Everything else being equal, it is safe to assume that human language-specific search should closely map to populations. For example, the US population is 300M, Canada’s is about 30M, the UK is about 60M, and Australia is about 15M and New Zealand is about 4M. These are the main English-speaking populations, and they total about 4.1B, and make up most English-language search. Of course, there are many other English speakers living in other countries, and there are many non-native speakers who also choose to search in English for their own reasons.

Most of them use Google as their leading search engine.

There are about 1.3B Chinese who use Chinese as their language of choice for search; for the most part, they use Baidu.

If the Chinese searched as much and as frequently as Americans, Canadians, Britons, Australians and New Zealanders combined, it is safe to assume that Baidu’s Chinese-language search would have about three times the volume of Google’s English language search.

This has not happened yet, but this report shows that the growth trend for Baidu’s Chinese language search is beginning, since it has already overtaken Microsoft, according to this report from Techcrunch. In China, Baidu commands more than 60% of the search market share, while Google’s Chinese-language search in China has only 20+%, and the gap appears to be growing…

In the US, Google is putting its efforts into the mobile Internet, and sees the mobile phone as soon replacing the PC-based Internet as the access device of choice for most people, even in the US. In China, South Korea, Japan and Europe, the mobile phone already is the access device used by most people, which accounts for the huge volume of SMS traffic.

Google Android is the major part of Google’s effort to define a mobile platform for communications. Since the Chinese carriers, especially China Mobile, and Baidu, have not yet defined an SDK for the mobile platform, many assume that Google will soon have a mobile strategy in China which will turn the tables on its Chinese competitors.

My answer to this: “Dream on…”

China Mobile has a well-deserved reputation as a very tough company to deal with in China, but they are not stupid…

The Economist has an excellent article on Rupert Murdoch which is in fact a review of a book titled: “Rupert’s Adverntures in China: How Murdoch Lost A Fortune and Found A Wife”.

All’s well that ends well…

It makes me wonder if the presence and performance of many western companies in China can be explained as company-financed executive wife searches?

Maybe Google should take heed.

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