New Immigrants Choose China

Just saw a fascinating article about how China is now attracting new immigrants, including a Kurdish family which fled Iraq for the peace and safety of Yiwu in Zhejiang province.

The US was founded on the principle of immigration, freedom and justice for people from all countries. Now that appeal is fading.

According to the story, not everything in China is perfect. For instance, one Iraqi man was denied the right to be buried in China even after his immediate kin made an appeal for it. Let’s hope that more humanitarian standards can be applied in the future.

Maybe Lou Dobbs won’t have to worry about illegal immigrants and free trade much longer.

I’d like to find out what his new tune would be…

One Response to “New Immigrants Choose China”

  1. Paul,

    You are kidding right? Did you really read the article? It makes very clear that these people are in China just because they can get in, not because they prefer it. The article makes very clear these people have no chance for citizenship, in addition to not being able even to bury their relatives who die in China in China. Do you really believe that China is going to supplant the United States as the place where immigrants want to go? Why would you even think that? Do you really think economic immigrants are saying to themselves, “gee the way the US is treating prisoners in Guantanamo makes me not want to go there.” I think it is important that you understand the difference between how the so-called international elites view the United States and how real people view the United States. Real people may be pissed at the US for many things but they sure as hell would love to come here. In fact, a Chinese friend of mine here in the US told me the other day he is convinced that at least 90% of those who come to the US to study here desperately want to stay here. I have a Korean friend who tells me the same thing about Koreans.