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Give Me A Shout If You Are At Adtech Beijing

Adtech Beijing will be coming up on October 16-17 at the China World Hotel in Beijing.

Since I did not get an invitation to address that other important meeting taking place in Beijing on Oct. 15, I decided to go to Adtech.

Just kidding! Adtech has a great list of speakers. Sure, you don’t get a chance to plot the course of the world’s most populous nation for the next five years, but it makes for a good second choice.

Many people whom I have met on the Internet, but have never had the pleasure of meeting in person will also be attending Adtech.

If you are one of those people going and would like to meet, please give me a call at one three five five two zero one zero four nine three.

It would be great to meet and put a face on the person; I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about!

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