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    Apple On A Roll

    Nothing succeeds like success.

    Following on the successful launch of the iPhone, and surpassing HP in market cap, Apple is getting ready to announce new product/s on August 7.

    Even in China, where the iPhone is not yet officially available, there has been a lot of enthusiasm for the Apple iPhone, and the halo is spreading to other Apple products too, starting with the iPod, and spreading to other computer products. However, if you visit Apple’s China website, there is no mention of the iPhone.

    Apple should take a leaf from Hollywood, which over the past few years has shifted to a model of launching new movies in all major markets on the same day. This saves marketing costs and maximizes media and user buzz, which travels over the Internet and text networks at very fast speeds.

    To Apple:

    “Get your product marketing act together and your new product launches together guys! The US market is not the only market in the world. If you don’t, you are leaving money on the table! People in China and in other countries want new Apple products, and they want them NOW.”

    3 Responses to “Apple On A Roll”

    1. […] I have a simple way of looking at this: If the need is urgent, then you can charge a fee or subscription for it. If you can help people make more money, you can charge a fee or subscription for it. If it is a hardware solution which simplifies and clarifies life and makes the user more efficient, you can sell it (as is the case with the iPhone). […]